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What Is Family Camp?

It's an annual opportunity to camp with a group of like-minded, nutty, fun-loving Presbyterians (and those who love us). For 7 days we worship, learn, play, party, connect, and chill out... in whatever proportions you choose!


Every morning begins with a 30 minute worship, led by varying volunteers. There's nothing like communing with God and each other under the giant Douglas Firs, with blue sky (hopefully) overhead!


There are learning opportunities for every age group. Preschoolers through high-schoolers have morning Bible study/discussions/art projects. While they are handled, adults have the opportunity to take part in adult education on various topics. 


From challenge courses, to the bicycle parade, to slug races, to foot rallies, we have play well covered for all ages. Middle and High schoolers additionally have their own separate groups that meet at night to play on the dunes or simply hang out around the campfire.

Not enough? Well, there's dune buggies, golf, lakes to swim/fish/canoe/kayak in, playgrounds, great cycliing... you name it!


Potlucks. What are Presbyterians without potlucks? We start the week with a big picnic on Sunday afternoon, full of great potluck dishes, and games for all. 

Monday brings a moveable feast that helps everyone get to know each other and sample each other's fabulous camp fare.

And there's all the impromptu ways families and friends reconnect. Just walk the C-loop throughout the day and you'll see friends knitting, playing card games, enjoying a special beverage, or just chatting.

Chill Out

Don't need more activity in your life? No worries! All activities are voluntary, and there's nothing like napping in the sun, catching up on your reading, or going for quiet nature walks alone.

If you want to see what a week of Family Camp looks like, check out our schedule from 2016.